For my core course week the graphic design program took us to various towns across Western Denmark, or Jutland. We visited Kolding where we went to the Trapholt Museum and Koldinghus, a gorgeous castle that reminded me of something out of Harry Potter. That night our hostel was right on a lake and we made the Danish version of s'mores, which is virtually just bread on a stick... couldn’t really get more Danish.  It reminded me of camp in New Hampshire, canoeing and spiders included.

We also stopped by Århus where we went to the ARoS Kunstmuseum. The entire museum is based off of Dante's inferno, so the basement had "hell" themed rooms and at the top was "Your rainbow panorama" by Ólafur Elíasson. The museum also hosts a pretty shockingly realistic 15-foot tall "Boy" sculpture by Ron Mueck. We had a traditional Danish dinner in Odense with some questionable meat.

The last day we went to Nordatlantisk Hus, a cultural center for people from Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands. We had amazing Nordic fish for lunch. The building was modern with a cute eskimo-themed wayfinding system.