For my second travel break, my three friends and I spent the week in Spain. 



Between eating countless tapas and paella, and frequenting Federal Cafe every morning for breakfast, Barcelona was delicious. Bar Lobo was probably the best meal we had, where we ordered a ton of tapas. We also started our quest for the best churros in Spain but were pretty disappointed with Barcelona's selection. 

Other than the food, Barcelona was an awesome city, right on the beach with a mix between new and old architecture. We followed the 12 hr guide to Barcelona pretty closely. I loved the atmosphere, especially that of the older neighborhoods. And although the ocean was freezing, I did put my feet in and collected some sea glass. 

We hit some of the big sites including the unfinished cathedral, la Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, both designed by Antoní Gaudi. We also went to the Picasso museum, which had a lot of Picasso's older works. 



I had no idea how tropical Seville was, granted we were lucky and had amazing weather. It was a great break from gray Copenhagen. The alcazar gardens were absolutely beautiful. It was like a tropical version of a French garden. Seville has a really cool Islamic vibe in its architecture which was great.

Seville also has a relatively new structure called Las Setas, which look like giant mushrooms. It was really beautiful to climb them right at sunset — you get a great view of the city. I also loved the markets which were extremely authentic. It seemed like a place locals frequent regularly. 

We ate tons of tapas including amazing paella. I probably had the best gelato in my life in Seville. Seville was also ridiculously cheap. We got five tapas one night for 15 euros! This is pretty much the polar opposite of Copenhagen where eating out is extremely expensive. We continued the churro tour in Seville. These were definitely a step up from Barcelona, but the chocolate was more like hot chocolate than dipping chocolate. 


Madrid was definitely the most metropolitan of the the three Spanish cities. It reminded me a lot of both New York and Paris actually. New York because it was so lively, and Paris because of the beautiful architecture. We went to Madrid's Central Park, Parque del Retiro, which was gorgeous and huge.

We went to an incredible museum, Museo del Prado, where we saw Goya's "Saturn eating his children" and Hieronymus Bosch's "The Garden of Earthly Delights." 

Finally, we successfully found the best churros in Spain, with help from some friends' recommendations at San Gines. They were absolutely perfect. When we finished the churros, I continued to drink the chocolate. 

We averaged walking 10.02 miles a day, which means in total we walked about 80 miles all week!