Recently The New York Times ran a story about Berlin’s trendy, highly exclusive nightlife. Though Lindsay and I missed out on clubbing till 8 a.m., the city offered a ton. It had a much more edgy/punk vibe than I imagined. The street art gave the city a diverse feeling. From walking along the East Side gallery, to the Bauhaus archive to the Jewish museum, Berlin was very historically rich.

During our short trip we must have gone to five Christmas markets, the city was filled with them. They offered hot mulled wine, or glögg, and currywurst, which I tried for the first time. Our last day we went to one that had a live band playing the Saints Come marching in, the atmosphere was a lot of fun and got me in the holiday spirit.

We also did some window shopping at Ka de we the largest department store in Europe and Bikini Berlin-  this alternative style market/ mall. Berlin’s style was like Copenhagen.

After our time in Berlin was up I got to show Lindsay all around Copenhagen and we celebrated Thanksgiving together with a very traditional dinner of sushi.