Between crepes and chocolate croissants Rachael and I were able to squeeze in some sight seeing during our weekend in Paris. After meeting up with my cousin my the Eiffel Tower, we had a very romantic evening one night where we went up to the very top. Stepping off the elevator I was shocked at how high up and windy it was. With all the monuments lit up, if possible, the city becomes even more beautiful at night. 

We opted for a day trip to see Monet's gardens and house over Versaille because Rachel is a huge Monet fan. It was nice to get out of the city for a bit the lily pads, pond, and flowers were gorgeous. It was the last day it was open for the season so the leaves were fall colors.  We completed the Monet tour of Paris with Musée de l'Orangerie where we saw Monet’s eight Water Lilies murals.

Some other highlights included Angelina’s hot chocolate- which we are convinced is literally melted chocolate. Also this hidden away wine cellar- Chez George's, which a local told us was the best bars in Paris. Aggressively squeezing into the crowds to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre- Where it would take 3 months to see all the works without stopping for a break. Le Marais, the Jewish corridor had amazing shopping and food from the authentic Jewish bakeries. I loved the narrow streets and window shopping. 

Overall a weekend was not long enough in Paris. I never made it to see the catacombs among other things, but it was a great introduction to the city.