Holland- Amsterdam & Rotterdam

In typical DIS fashion, my design class fit in as many museums, design firms and other stops as possible during our weeklong trip to Amsterdam and Rotterdam- the second biggest city of the Netherlands. I was amazed by how beautiful Amsterdam was- the canals lined with flowers gave Copenhagen a run for its money in terms of cuteness. I was also very excited about the Dutch love of cheese and chocolate. Apparently it’s normal for Dutch children to put chocolate sprinkles on their toast in the morning, I could get behind that.

Some of the best exhibits we saw included “Tentoonstelling," Anthony McCall's Solid Light Films at the Eye museum and Yayoi Kusama’s mirror room at Museum Boijmans. 

The highlight of Rotterdam was spending a day doing a workshop with Studio Dumbar. With no explanation, we were told to gather trash all week and on the day of the workshop in groups we had to organize the garbage and think about it in creative, innovative ways. Each of the groups came up with very different uses for the trash.

In addition to Dumbar we saw Lava’s design studio and the office of Frame -who publishes Mark, Frame and Elephant magazines. We also took a stop at the 3D print canal house in Amsterdam which was great to see. I was able to wrap my head around all the possibilities of 3D printing and see the cool projects they are working on. I didn't realize how sustainable it was. For instance, the material they use to print is made partially out of potatoes.

Throughout the trip we were wined and dined quite a bit- we tried Indonesian and Moroccan food- though nothing topped the first night’s dinner at De Culinary Werkplaats in Amsterdam where we helped to plate a five course experimental meal. Each plate had a different theme relating to the Dutch hills and landscape. I kept getting yelled at for making the portion sizes too large… think I may have missed my calling.

I can’t forget to mention that my 21st birthday fell during this week. I celebrated with a Mexican birthday dinner pretending to turn 21 in the US and a full day of sight seeing including the Van Gogh museum and a nighttime canal ride.